The Best VPN Services for 2020

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The Best VPN can help you to protect your privacy and security when you will browse on the Internet. But there are approximately 300+  VPN companies (free and paid). So it is not easy to choose the right company without comparison. Now comes with honest VPN reviews.

Privacy and security are significant issues for the current world. You never want anybody can trace you in real life or virtual life. Your information is the most valuable asset for you in many ways. You have to keep it secret from publishing or bypassing to your counterparts.

Many websites are restricted in specific regions for various reasons. For example, Russia can’t allow Google in Russia to search for information as well as China. They have a search engine for themselves instead of Google. You can access Google by using VPN from these countries and collect your required information. So to visit restricted sites and secure your privacy, you must need the VPN. Today, you can find the top VPN companies from our reviews.

What is VPN?

Don’t know about VPN? VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to hide your real IP and location. So you will get a new IP with a different location. As a result, you can be tracked when you will use the Internet. We know, there are a lot of holes from where your information and data can be leaked. For example, your Internet service provider can gather information about you and use them for advertisement or sell them to the competitors in exchange for huge money.

VPN can save you from this kind of malpractice. You are an anonymous browser when VPN is activated.  So It lets you access any website by hiding your identity. Nobody can trace your activities to hamper your life or to bypass your information. You can also visit any blocked website. The government restricts some sites for certain purposes in some regions. You can ignore the restrictions and browse as much as you can.

Data encryption is another must need of the current time. Your data are not safe without encryption. The free VPN allows you to encrypt your data to keep it safe from the hackers and other users. You can lose your information as anybody can bypass your data in the online. If you encrypt your data, you can avoid the fear of theft and can keep your intellectual property safe.

Why You Need to Use The VPN?

The best VPN gives you the best protocol encryption. It protects you from identity frauds which let cyberpunks to trace you.


Privacy is the worldly concern for the modern virtual world. Many users fear of interruption as cybercriminals are ready to trace the records of the users. They hack the valuable information of the users and use them in various harmful business. To protect them and keep the user’s information safe, VPN application is an inevitable tool.

So, It keeps your privacy protected from any invasion. Internet service provider and authorities of some websites also collect users’ information without letting them know about the fact. They use the information for any commercial purposes such as advertisements or selling to the interested third parties. It can protect you from all these malpractice.

Encrypted data

Security analysts believe that encrypted data are relatively safe rather than any other data. Your data are the most valuable intellectual property which you should keep secret. Your counterparts are ready to hand over the valuable information by any means. You can encrypt your data by using a VPN as all available top VPN gives this opportunity to the customers. You can use the internet avoiding the fear of losing or threating your data being publicly available.

Switch Location

It is an excellent feature of the VPN for changing location and IP address. Every time you login into the software you’ll get a new IP address which lets you browse any website. Switching location with new IP address never give any chance to the unwanted interested parties to trace you. It also allows you to access any site from a restricted country like China or Turkey where YouTube or Google is under restriction.

Using Public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi is a considerable threat to your secrecy and privacy. Your data can be leaked if you use public Wi-Fi without taking prior initiatives. The study says that most of the information get leaked through public Wi-Fi. You can use public Wi-Fi without any fear of breaking code of your information by using a VPN.

While travelling abroad:

We usually go to other countries for business purpose or leisure. Travelling to any foreign country, may require you to a few websites which are blocked in your host country, for example, China, where websites like Facebook are blocked. The VPN allows you to make the site available to you in that country itself.

The VPN is widely used for streaming services that you enjoyed in your home country, but due to international cyber issues, you can access them in another country. While using a VPN can help you with access to other countries as well.

Access to the Internet:

People opting for VPN can look forward to having access to even the geo-blocked websites through their server. You can access sites that were restricted to your region like if you are an American then log in through your account in Netflix becomes difficult as you are in the different areas. But, with a VPN, your location can still be identified in the USA, and you can use the same to access the desired internet.

Safety of your connection:

The VPN features security instantly for your relationship once you enter a public Wi-Fi area. This facility is priceless if you are a frequent traveler or a jet savvy. With VPN, you do not need to worry about connecting to any public hotspot as it allows you to secure your system instantly without wasting any minute.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN creates a private “network” from your device to the internet and hides your vital data through something that is known as encryption. The encryption can protect your information in such a way that no one can read it without any password, which is also known as the key. The key can break the complicated code-breaking your data into.

The VPN server and computer know about the key, and the process for decoding the data here is known as the decryption, and the process is comprised of making the encrypted information readable through the application of crucial all over again.

For example, if you enter the credit card details in a shopping website, then its information is encrypted and is rendered as unreadable until the transaction is completed. Many different VPN services are using the encryption processes; let ‘s see how it goes through:

  • Once connected with the VPN, it is known to be a secure tunnel used to encode your data. This entails that your data is known to transfer in the form of unreadable codes as it travels between your system and the VPN server.
  • The device is now configured as per the location of your VPN. The IP address changes to the VPN provider’s server.
  • The VPN here act as a barrier and allows you to browse the internet being safe and feel protective about your personal information.

Is it Legal to use a VPN:

The Concern is surrounded with few exceptions like Iran, VPN is used as a legal system everywhere in this world. Also there are restrictions for using the VPN services. Many VPN services can provide many methods for securing identity while remaining connected as one of the ways to guarantee while remaining anonymous and safe.

The usage of VPN is entirely legal and for every illegal activity to be carried online is known to remain illegal regardless if the VPN is used or not. For example, the VPN is known to cover the tracks and can keep your activities hidden from the internet service provider, but if you use torrent for downloading copyrighted material, then it is not said to be one of the legal things to do.

Free VPN VS Paid VPN

Of course, there is a difference between free VPN and paid VPN, as you can avail the services for your privacy and can secure your server in a better way with a paid VPN. If you starting with the VPN services, then do know most of the people like to go for point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP), supported by many computers but is no longer secure for users. It can be considered as best if you do not require secure encryption and like to watch streaming videos from other countries.

Remember, you will not be able to hide from prying eyes. The paid users usually have many options like OpenVPN, a type of open-source protocol that arrives with SSL encryption or L2TP Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol with IPSC combination. The IPSC is known for adding encryption layer.

The free services are making money from selling the browsing activity to third parties for advertising purposes. Many free VPN providers like to pay the bills by displaying the advertisements. Lot of free VPN pay their bills by showing ads. Many are elementary lowest tier paid services like AnchorFree HotSpot, Spotflux, CyberGhost, etc. These types of partly free VPN services are also quite reputable but put a bar for the limit for data used by the users.

At times they also look for how many servers can be connected at a time before they are paid. In all the cases, the paid VPN is a better option and can be considered as quite robust too than other free VPNs as they are less vulnerable to meltdowns and outages. The companies also tend to offer tech support for the paid services to help users if they face any issues.

How Much Does a VPN Cost?

The modern technology has brought many players for VPN in the field. For considering a VPN provider, you should keep a few things in mind if you want to have access to essential feature, high connectivity competitive price, and best server location.

There are many free options available on the internet for VPN and typically arrive with advertisements and the lack of commitment or reliability to your privacy terms. It is often suggested to buy a paid version to rely on temporary service.

Generally, the paid version is available every month. The options for the same can range from 7$ to 50$. Many plans are also available at a premium rate for adding security or encryption. Because of the additional features, the cost can boost upto 70$ annually. It depends upon the services you are trying to avail with the VPN, and based on the same; you can look for the best deals online too.

Final Words

VPN is a wonderful option if you want to browse private and display your location from the same country. But with the same, they are some glitches that you can surface with the type of VPN services you are opting for. Do know that there are paid and a free VPN service.

Choosing for the one that can help you with the services and will protect your identity is the best for you. So, read about the VPN you are using before you install and then look for the desired VPN for yourself.

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