Comodo Antivirus Free Download for PC and Android

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Comodo Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus programs available for both personal computer as well as for mobile devices. So, Comodo Antivirus Free Download has a new technology that will protect all the files which provide 100% efficiency. It provides constant protection for the known and the unknown files from being attacked by the virus.
The antivirus is excellent in providing safety to the device from virus and malware protection absolutely for free. In other terms, you can use that Comodo antivirus can completely replace any other antivirus software companies like Macafee, Norton, eScan software. For early access to update them, Comodo antivirus protection to keep your PC or mobile phone security from hackers.

Comodo Antivirus Free Download

Comodo has a cloud-based Technology wrestling and detection system that includes improving the accuracy and the performance of the system by clean keeping the device clean without any Paris in the device. Today we will discuss Comodo Antivirus Free Download and how to install it on your PC and android phone.

#1 Comodo Antivirus For PC

The Comodo antivirus was developed by one of the world’s leading IT security providers, Comodo AntiVirus leverages multiple technologies to immediately start cleaning or quarantining suspicious files from your hard drives, shared disks, emails, downloads, and system memory.
Comodo antivirus is best for PC to protect them from virus or Malware and keep it updated. By using this Comodo antivirus, it has a Defense+ technology which will add an automatically schedule of your choice can schedule a scan at any time. Or by simply clicking on the update button the updates will be done automatically scan in a PC will be done in the background without disturbing your work.
Comodo antivirus for PC is very easy to install and configuration. Once the antivirus app is freely installed in a system, then it will take the performance task silently and is very efficient in defending your system from the latest threats. Installation of Comodo antivirus for PC is very easy as well as a configuration in it is also done very quickly.
Comodo Antivirus for PC

Features of Comodo Antivirus software

The Key Features included are:

  • Automatic updates: on downloading and installing the Comodo antivirus the updates to the PC or mobile phone are done automatically.
  • Sandbox Technology: The Sandbox technology used in Comodo antivirus creates a virtual computing environment.
  • Scheduled scans: With this free antivirus program, you can schedule the PC Scan according to your own convenience.
  • Drag and drop objects for instant virus analysis.
  • Easy to use interface lets you install and forget: no annoying pop-ups or false alarms.
  • Instant One-Click scanning.
  • Simple slider to change your security level.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built-in scheduler.
  • On-access scanning

How to  Install on Your PC?

You can download Comodo Free antivirus from the CNET Download center by using the links given here, or you can download it directly from the Comodo website. Here is the step by step installation instructions on how to download and install Comodo Free antivirus.
Comodo Antivirus logs events to the Windows Event Logs, useful when you’re troubleshooting. It all comes packaged in a flat-look interface, which has also been redesigned to simplify navigation.

  1. Go to Comodo website and click on the Free Antivirus download button. Here is the Download URL: (
  2. Save the cav_installer on the Desktop.
  3. Double click on the cav_installer from the Desktop
  4. Click Run button on the Security window to continue the install.
  5. After extracted all installation files, Select the language and click OK
  6. From the Comodo Antivirus Installer, you can choose added internet security, “Cloud Based Behavior Analysis” set Comodo on the homepage and search engine to Google. Select or unselect an option and click Next.
  7. You can install Priv Dog media to block malicious advertisement and can enable AdTrusMedia ads. If you want those just select or if you don’t want those, unselect and click on Agree and Install button
  8. Just wait till Comodo Antivirus Installer completes 100% install. When the Congratulations window is displayed, your installation is done.

Comodo Antivirus For PC

How Comodo Antivirus Protects PC From Malware Virus

The Comodo antivirus gives complete protection to your personal computer from malware and spyware viruses. By updating the laptop, all the virus will be removed permanently from your system. This strategy leaves open a window of vulnerability from unknown threats that can last for hours or even days. So it is advised to use software like Comodo antivirus.
When compared to the different version of antivirus in Comodo software the Comodo Antivirus Advanced 8 has a better approach, the virus is detected and completely deleted from the system. Defense+ technology automatically isolates such files so they can’t harm you or your PC. The Comodo antivirus provides the services is 24/7/365 service.

#2 Comodo Antivirus For Android

Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) is mainly designed to protect your Android mobile phone devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft or when stolen. At present, there is a huge demand for Android phones in the market.
So as the phone’s demand is rapidly increasing there is also a chance of phones being hacked by others to steal the critical information. Most of the malicious infections are done through the third party app download.
Comodo offers Free Antivirus for Android to defend the entry and interference of such malicious files and apps. It has exclusive mobile security for Android mobile phones. This antivirus protects your device from any virus and gives a complete protection to your personal data and keeps it very safe from being stolen or hacked.
Comodo Antivirus android

How to Install Comodo Antivirus on Smartphones

Here is the simple procedure how to download and install Comodo antivirus in your smartphones. Comodo Mobile Security application is available at
1: Enter the address bar of the browser in your android mobile phone or device.
2: In the Comodo Mobile Security web page, click the ‘Free Download’ button.

  • Login to the website provided here, clicks ‘Install’ button.
  • The application will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • The Comodo Mobile Security icon will now be available on the screen.

3: Providing administrative privileges to Comodo Mobile Security will enable it to activate its security policies and prevent it from being uninstalled by other third-party applications
4: Click the’  Activate’ to assign administrative privileges to Comodo Mobile Security and activate the security policies.
5: And finally, the app is ready to use.

Comodo Antivirus For Android

#3 Comodo Antivirus For iPhone

The Antivirus for iPhone solution from Comodo is a remarkable Mobile Antivirus that protects your privacy and keeps your system very safe from known and unknown threats. The Comodo antivirus protects your system from any threats. Your personal information like photos, videos personal contacts will be kept safe.
Comodo’s Mobile Antivirus for iPhone offers a significant way of detection of any virus found in your phone. All the best features are provided in the Comodo that gives full security to the iPhone users. A perfect way for Mobile Security is through Comodo’s Free Antivirus for iPhone.

How to Install Comodo Antivirus on iPhones

Here is the process how to download and install Comodo antivirus on the mobile app for iPhone.

  1. Open the app store on iPhone.
  2. Now search for the Comodo antivirus software.
  3. Once it is found click on the install option.
  4. Follow the on screen instruction once the app has been downloaded.
  5. Make sure that the app is installed successfully.
  6. Now your app is ready to use.

Comodo Antivirus For iPhone

Pros and Cons for Comodo Antivirus:


  • Provides on-access protection from viruses and other malware
  • Virus definitions are regularly updated, in the background
  • Works with Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP)
  • Includes a “Game Mode” (silent detection)
  • 64-bit versions are also available


  • Several other programs and system settings are included that you may want to disable
  • Can only be used at home – no business use
  • Very large setup file (170 MB) that may take awhile to download
  • Initial updates may take a while to complete

Final Words

If in the case whenever you download a program which you’re not entirely sure is safe, then using Comodo’s Sandbox allows you to run it in an isolated environment, where it won’t be able to affect the rest of your PC. So, with Comodo Antivirus Free Download, you will get full protection for your PC and smartphone.

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