How to Enable Flash Player in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera?

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Now the world is developing and technology also developing. The graphic technology has been developed a lot. High graphics and HD format are using now for movies, videos, images, and contents. But the computer cannot open it if it doesn’t have any flash player.
So, if you don’t install this flash player, you cannot open these contents in the Internet. So, you must enable flash player in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera browsers. There are also many websites where they use animated content, You cannot see these without flash player.

What is Flash Player?

Flash player is a software helps to watch high-quality videos, images, and content. Adobe flash player is the most used flash player all over the world. The user can plug in this software with any browser. So when you will visit a website, you can see these flash supported content. Many website used animated content, video etc, and you must need this software to watch these content.
Below you will find how to enable flash player in chrome, Firefox, IE, and opera browser.

Google chrome:

The Google chrome has a built-in “click to play” feature. It helps to plug-in for any software including the flash player. So now the user needs to go to setting Manu. There the user will find an option advanced settings. Then the user needs to click on it and will find privacy option. Under the privacy, there is a content setting option. Now the user needs to scroll down for plug-ins. After that, the user can watch anything by click on play.
The user who is using the newer version of Google chrome they need to follow the different setting manual. They need to click on “let me choose when to run plugin content”. They user need to be careful that they should not click on “manage exceptions” to avoid override the setting. Then the user needs to write “chrome://plugins” in the address bar and push the enter button. Then the user has to select the always allowed to run.
How to Enable Flash Player in Chrome

Mozilla Firefox:

For the Mozilla Firefox user, they need to go to tools option first. Then the need to go for “add-ons” option. Then can plugin and can change the drop down to ask to activate. Then the user has to select always activate. There is another way that the user can use flash block.
Mozilla Firefox also uses “click to play” for the most plug-in content. Mozilla Firefox makes bypass of their all flash content with the help of “click to play” feature.

Internet explorer:

To enable flash player in the internet explorer, the user needs to find the add-ons screen. For that reason, the user has to click on the toolbar and go to manage add-ons. There the user will find toolbars and extensions options. Then the user has to click the show box and select all add-ons. Then the user will find adobe systems incorporated option and under it, there is an option named shockwave flash object. Then the user needs to select and right click on it.
After that, they need to go for more information. There is option remove all sites. When the user selects it, it will not run content anymore and ask for that the user wants to run or not. When the user allows running, it will run automatically.


To enable flash player in opera is very easy. The user needs to click on the menu button. Then they need to click on select settings and then they will find some options. But they need to click on websites option. There will be some option under two categories. The user needs to click on click to play under plug-ins option.
Here you can download adobe flash player for your computer.


So, if you are using the internet and you cannot watch these flash content on different websites, then you must install and enable flash player in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera. Here we have been guiding you how to install flash player in all popular browsers.

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