How to remove hard drive from Toshiba laptop

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A laptop is such a device that you need not change or add its part by opening it because it is not so upgradeable. But some parts of the laptop are replaceable. If you want to remove the hard drive from Toshiba laptop, you can do it. You need to know according to the brand of the computer because the locations of hard drives are not the same for all brands. So, this article is specific for the Toshiba laptop. However, I can say that most of the users can remove a hard drive from a computer without damaging other parts.

How to remove hard drive from Toshiba laptop?

Things you need

To remove the hard drive from your Toshiba laptop, you need not a lot of things. Just take a screwdriver that is suitable to remove screws from a computer. For Toshiba laptop, you can choose number 1, and number 0 Phillips head screwdrivers. Then start your work.

Process of removing hard drive from Toshiba laptop:

The following steps are necessary to remove the hard drive from Toshiba laptop. So, follow them carefully.

  1. Ensure a proper workplace with enough space to work. Besides, you can place a cloth on the work surface to secure your laptop from getting scratched. Before you start your work, you can wear an anti-static wrist strap. It helps you to prevent any built-up electricity near your computer.
  2. Now turn off your device. Before turning off, unplug it from the power source. Then remove the accessories such as a mouse, Pendrive, or others. Remove the battery also.
  3. Now it is time to locate the hard drive. However, in the case of the Toshiba laptop, the hard drive is at the computer’s backside. It is near the battery.
  4. After locating the hard drive, take your no. 1 screwdriver to remove the screws from the panel of a hard drive. You will see a label on the panel indicating HDD or such other words depending on its model.
  5. After removing the panel, you will see the hard drive. However, most of the drives are securely screwed in part. So, you need to unscrew them from the holder. Besides, the hard drive is plugged in the drawer during fully inserted. So, while removing the part, you should obliterate the drawer from your laptop.

How to create a recovery disk for the Toshiba laptop?

You can create a recovery disk following by several processes. You can use a USB drive or a CD to do the work. And for this, you need Toshiba Recovery Media Creator in your PC. Besides, take a good capacity USB flash drive or a CD. Now follow the steps carefully. It is for Windows 7 users.

Why do you make a recovery media before removing hard drive?

It is, of course, a good idea to create a recovery drive for your computer. When your laptop faces any significant issues, the recovery disk will help you much. So, before removing your hard drive, recovery media is essential. Your recovery media will contain all the data of your hard drive when the laptop was shipped out. So, it provides the necessary program files to run your computer. So, when you set up the computer, you need to copy the program files as soon as possible so that you can recover them to the factory state.

When the hard drive gets crushed, and there is no way to make a recovery disk, you can contact the company to buy it. However, using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator or with a USB flash drive, you can make a recovery disk.

Opening the recovery media creator

  • You have to open a recovery media creator for the Toshiba laptop. For this, click the start button that is located at the bottom left corner of the windows.
  • Then in the search bar, type ‘Recovery.’ When you type, you will see the result list in the menu. If you do not find the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, then type ‘Toshiba Recovery Media Creator’ and try again. I hope now you get the option.

When you get the option, select it ‘Recovery Media Creator.’ You may find it at different names such as Recovery Disk Creator or Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.

Creating a recovery disk

  • After tapping on the Recovery Media Creator, you should select the Yes option when you get a window with a question asking you to allow the program.
  • After allowing the program, the next window will contain a ‘Media Selection’ option with some checkmarks and options. However, the two options are ‘System Recovery Media’ and ‘Application Disks.’ System Recovery Media is to make a disk or work on a USB flash drive to make a complete recovery. And the Application Disks option is to create a disk of applications to reinstall them.
  • Then allow the Verify button at the left bottom corner of the computer. Now tap the Create button from the right bottom side of the window.

We see that the process is easy. Without going to a repair shop, you can remove the hard drive from Toshiba laptop easily. At first, create a recovery disk and then try to remove the hard drive to replace it with a new one.

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