How to Uninstall Graphics Drivers Quickly?

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Updating video card drivers can significantly affect the performance of Windows itself (or another OS), as well as games. In most cases, NVidia and AMD automatic updates are used, but in some cases, it may be necessary first completely to remove the drivers from the computer. Only then you can install the latest version.
For example, NVIDIA officially recommends removing all drivers before upgrading to a new version. Sometimes there may be unforeseen errors in operation, or, for example, the blue screen of death BSOD. However, this happens relatively rarely.
So, here is a guide on how to uninstall graphics drivers completely. By reading this article, you can remove the NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel video card drivers from your computer (including all side driver elements). Also, you will know how to remove manually via the Control Panel is worse than using the Display Driver Uninstaller utility for this purpose.

How to uninstall graphics drivers:

You can follow two ways to unistall any drivers like graphics card or others. See details in below:

1. Uninstall via control panel

Uninstall via control panel
The usual way to remove it is to go to the Windows Control Panel, select the “Programs and Features” item, find all items related to your video card, and then remove them one by one. With this cope any, even the most novice user.
However, this method has drawbacks:

  • Removing the driver one by one is inconvenient.
  • Not all driver components are removed. NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, Intel HD Graphics drivers can remain from Windows Update, or they are installed immediately after drivers are removed from the manufacturer.

If the removal was required because of any problems with the video card when updating drivers, the last item could be critical. The most popular way to accomplish the complete removal of all drivers is the free Display Driver Uninstaller program that automates this process.

2. Uninstall Via Display Driver Uninstaller

Uninstall Via Display Driver Uninstaller
You can download Display Driver Uninstaller from the official site. Installation on the computer is not required – just run “Display Driver Uninstaller.exe” in the folder with the unpacked files. (download links are at the bottom of the page, in the downloaded archive you will find another self-extracting exe archive, in which the program is already located).
The program is recommended to use running Windows in safe mode. She can restart her computer by herself, or you can do it manually. To do this, click Win + R, type msconfig, then on the “Download” tab, select the current OS, check the “Safe Mode” box, apply the settings and reboot. Do not forget at the end of all actions to remove the same mark.
After starting, you can install the Russian language of the program (it did not automatically turn on for me) on the bottom right. In the main window of the program, you are offered:

  • Select the video card driver that you want to remove – NVIDIA, AMD, Intel.
  • Choose one of the actions – complete removal and rebooting (recommended), deleting without rebooting, and deleting and turning off the video card (to install a new one).

In most cases, it is enough to choose the first option. Display Driver Uninstaller will automatically create a system restore point, perform removal of all components of the selected driver, and restart the computer. The program also saves the logs (log of actions and results) to a text file. So it can be viewed if something went wrong or you need to get information about the actions taken.
Additionally, before removing the GPU drivers, you can click “Options” in the menu and configure the delete options. For example, refuse to remove NVIDIA PhysX, disable the creation of a recovery point (I do not recommend) and other options.

Final Words:

So, if you are confuse to remove any graphics card driver or need to uninstall for any issue, you can follow how to uninstall graphics drivers which can help you. In addition, you can learn how to buy a video card from different brands and models.

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