How to Use CCleaner Safely? Ultimate Tips

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CCleaner is one of the best applications for cleaning your pc and increase more performance,e. But if you cannot use it properly, you can ruin your operating system. So, here is our guide and tips about how to use CCleaner safely.
No matter how fast and powerful your computer may be, its performance will inevitably deteriorate. And the point is not even in technical breakdowns but in the usual clutter of the operating system. Incorrectly deleted programs, an unclean registry, and unnecessary applications at startup, all these adversely affect the speed of the system.
Obviously, not everyone can fix all these problems manually. So, you need someone or something which can fix these issues at once. It was to facilitate this task that CCleaner was created, which even a beginner can learn to use.

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a shareware program for optimizing the system, created by Piriform. The main goal of the creators was to develop a simple and intuitive tool to keep Windows and macOS operating systems clean. A huge number of regular users around the world indicate that the developers coped with their tasks quickly.
Ccleaner supports multi-language like English, Russian and more, which is very important for inexperienced users
The main features of the program:

  • Cleaning garbage, explorer cache, temporary files of browsers and other utilities;
  • Registry cleaning and correction;
  • Ability to completely remove any program;
  • Startup manager;
  • System recovery using checkpoints;
  • Analysis and cleaning of system disks;
  • Ability to scan the system and automatically correct errors.

A separate advantage of the utility is a free distribution model for private use. If you plan to install CCleaner in the office on work computers, then you will have to use the Business Edition package. As a bonus, you get access to professional technical support from developers.
The disadvantages of the utility include some flaws in its latest updates. Starting with version 5.40, users began to complain that the ability to disable system scanning had disappeared. However, the developers promise to fix this problem as soon as possible, maybe already fixed it.
how to use a CCleaner

Application installation

  1. To install the program, simply go to the official website of the application and open the download section. Scroll down the page that opens and click on one of the links in the left column.
  2. For those who use a computer at home, a free option is suitable
  3. After the download is complete, open the resulting file. You will be greeted by a welcome window that prompts you to immediately install the program or go to the settings for this process. However, do not write off moving forward: if you do not plan to use Avast antivirus, then you should remove the bottom checkmark with the inscription “Yes, install Avast Free Antivirus”. Many users do not notice it and then complain about the suddenly appeared antivirus.
  4. Installing the application is as simple as possible and very fast.
  5. If you want to install the utility in a non-standard way, then click on the “Configure” button. Here you can select the directory and the number of users.
  6. The installer interface, as well as the program itself, is as friendly and understandable as possible.
  7. Then just wait for the installation to complete and run CCleaner.

How to use CCleaner

A significant advantage of this program is that it is immediately ready for use and does not require additional settings. You do not need to go into the settings and change something there for yourself. The interface is intuitive and divided into sections. So, it provides quick access to any function you are interested in.

Cleaning section

In the “Cleaning” section, you can get rid of files unnecessary to the system, the remnants of incorrectly deleted programs, and cache. Particularly convenient is that you can configure the deletion of individual groups of temporary files. For example, it is not recommended to delete auto-complete forms and saved passwords in your browser if you do not want to enter all this again. To start the application, click on the “Analysis” button.
In the column to the left of the main window, you can configure the list of sections that need to be cleared. After the analysis, in the program, you will see the items to be deleted. Double-clicking on the corresponding line will display information about which files will be deleted, and the path to them.
If you click the left mouse button on a line, a menu appears in which you can open the designated file, add it to the exclusion list, or save the list in a text document. If you have not cleaned the HDD for a long time, the amount of disk space freed up after cleaning can be impressive.

Registry section

In the “Registry” section, you can eliminate all registry related problems. All necessary settings will be marked here, so you need to click on the “Search for problems” button. After completing this process, the application will prompt you to save backup copies of problematic investments and fix them. Just click on “Fix selected”.
It is strongly recommended that you back up registry fixes. In the “Service” section, there are several additional features for computer maintenance. Here you can delete programs you don’t need, do a disk cleanup, etc.

Startup section:

Separately, I would like to note the item “Startup”. Here you can disable the automatic launch of some programs that begin to work along with the inclusion of Windows.
By removing unnecessary applications from startup, you can significantly increase the performance of your computer. The Service section also has many useful features.

Settings section

Well, the “Settings” section. The name speaks for itself. Here you can change the application language, configure exceptions and sections for work. But for the average user, nothing needs to be changed.
In the Settings section, you can, among other things, configure automatic cleaning when you turn on the PC.

Final Words

So, after reading how to use CCleaner, your PC will be perfectly clean. CCleaner has been available for use for over 10 years. During this time, the application has repeatedly received various awards and positive user reviews. And all these thanks to a convenient interface, rich functionality, and a free distribution model.

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