How To Manage Chrome Saved Passwords?

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When we want to download movie files, songs, games, documents from a website, we need a web browser. Even when we want to search for something, we need a web browser. There are a lot of web browsers but among all, Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers.
Google chrome helps the user to search for something, to go to different web addresses, to download file etc. The user can sign in into Google chrome. Here, a user can save passwords for Gmail and for other sites. After saved password, you can manage chrome saved passwords on your chrome browser.

What is Google chrome?

The Google chrome is a most used and popular web browser. The Google chrome helps the user to browser and download. It has the feature to manage chrome saved passwords for different sites. The Google chrome can be used in computer, android devices and iPhone with iPod.

How to manage chrome saved passwords?

Usually, we have lots of account in different websites like Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, Cricinfo etc. and service sites like Gmail, yahoo, live etc. we need to give our email address and set the password to create an account. But it is difficult to remember all those passwords. Thus the Google chrome helps the user to remember it.
It is described below that how chrome saved and syncs passwords for computer, android device and iPhone and iPod
Step-1: first the user needs to sign in into chrome. The android users have to use “smart look for passwords on android”.
Step-2: they need to ask for syncing passwords.
Step-3: at this step, the user needs to go to a web address for browsing. When then the user will sign in in the web addresses then a notification message will be shown on their computer and android screen as “Save password”.
Step-4: Then the user needs to click on “save password” option.  The user who doesn’t want to save their passwords can use “never” option. They need to click on “never” option. When they click on it, after that the Google chrome will never ask to save the password for this site.
manage chrome saved passwords

How to see saved password in chrome settings?

Step-1: The user needs to on the computer and open chrome to see the save passwords.
Step-2: at the right side of the top, the user can see a triple dot sign. The user needs to click on it and go to settings Manu.
Step-3: after entering settings menu, the user will find show advanced settings and they need to click on it.
Step-4: after that, the user needs to find and click on passwords and forms. After click on it the user will find a manage passwords option. When a user clicks on it then a bow will be shown on screen with the list of saved passwords. The user can easily identify which password is used for which website.

How to stop to save passwords?

The user who don’t want to save their passwords, they need to follow below instruction-
Step-1: the user needs to open their computer and open the chrome.
Step-2: they need to go the settings menu and click on show advanced settings.
Step-3: after entering show advanced settings, the user will find passwords and forms option and under that they will find use smart lock for passwords option or offer to save web password. They just need to uncheck it.

Final Words

You can easily managed your saved passwords from chrome browsers. Anytime you can add or remove these saved passwords. We always update tech news and new tips for computer, mobile etc. So stay with us and enjoy website.

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